Favourite FIFA players styled in Bombay Shirts

When it comes to passion, men share a very biased ardency towards football. The spirited unanimity with which millions cheer for a handful of men playing on the fields lends a special fascination to the game.
With the 2018 FIFA World Cup Championship just around the corner, we got ourselves to think how these men of flair and class would look when styled in Bombay Shirts.
Let’s have a look –

1. Héctor Bellerín

To complement the zeal and energy of the 23-year-old Spanish player, we’d pick the fun summer berries print from our collection of playful prints.
Teamed up with black trousers and snug sneakers, this young yet confident look will style Héctor in a smart and chic way keeping his sporting spirit on point.

Héctor Bellerín/Summer Berries Bombay Shirt

2. Cristiano Ronaldo

For the greatest of all time and the pride of Portugal, the ensemble should live up to his personality. And therefore, we’d pick the latest suave geometric print shirt to style him.
As flamboyant as Ronaldo’s persona, the vibrant clubwear would accentuate his repute like nothing else.

Cristiano Ronaldo/Suave Graphic Bombay Shirt

3. Neymar

Not every player gets described as ‘a true phenomenon’. And so, the Brazillian footballer’s shirt should be styled aptly.
Known for his electric and explosive techniques, he should be styled in the equally elegant Eloise Leaf Print shirt that would exude cool and give him a flawless look.

Neymar/Eloise Leaf Bombay Shirt

4. Sergio Ramos

The captain of both Real Madrid and Spain National Team, Sergio demands to be styled with sophistication and class.
The Thomas Mason Shepherd Check shirt would distinguish him in style and will add to his charisma.

Sergio Ramos/Thomas Mason Shepherd Check Bombay Shirt

5. Paul Pogba

The French footballer of Manchester United can be styled in nothing better than the signature and befitting Parisian Linen Striped Shirt. Rounding off his eccentric personality, this subtle and dapper shirt will be the perfect pick for Pogba.

Paul-Pogba/Parisian Linen Bombay Shirt

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