You’ve probably been wearing your cologne wrong all this while

Ever wondered why your cologne doesn’t stay all day long? It’s because you have been spritzing it all wrong. But fret not, we bring you all the dos and don’ts when it comes to smelling good.

Wear it right.
Photograph courtesy : Pixabay

1. Apply your cologne on your pulse points – If you’ve been applying cologne on your clothes, you need to stop doing that now. Always remember to spray your cologne directly on to your skin- the neck, behind the ears, the collar bone area and wrists are the pulse points to keep in mind. These spots exude heat, which in turn helps your perfume to mix with your own natural odours. Because the fragrance is mixed with your DNA, it gives you your distinct smell. Yes, no two men wearing the same cologne smell the same.

2. Keep a distance of 5 inches – Never spray your cologne too close to your skin. A distance of 5-7 inches is ideal. Remember if your cologne feels wet on the skin, you’ve wasted that spritz.

3. Do not rub – A common mistake people make after spraying, is to rub the cologne. This action basically breaks the molecules and dissipates the fragrance. Once sprayed, let the cologne just settle in.

4. Do not walk into a cologne cloud – This whole theory of walking into a fragrance cloud is a royal waste of your cologne. Half of what you spray into the air, falls flat to the ground, leaving you with barely anything. So if you’ve been doing this, you might want to reconsider it.