New Year, More Smiles

If you aren’t already aware of our NYC store’s initiative, here’s a little background —

While setting up the store in the city, their head of business operations, Manisha Amin had decided to donate a T-shirt to an underprivileged kid in Mumbai, against every shirt they sold there.

This brought our New York Store’s partner, Ashesh Amin and our founder, Akshay Narvekar to Taraben Master Secondary School in Juhu, where they spent a day distributing T-shirts to students a few months ago.

The second leg of this initiative took them to ‘Apun Ka Club’ in Mumbai — an organization that engages children from the slums of Shimla Nagar in a host of creative activities.

A Sunday afternoon was spent interacting with a bunch of zealous kids from the community and t-shirts, specially designed for the club were given out to them.

After having distributed over 1000 t-shirts, our NYC store intends to keep this endeavor going on in different schools  and organizations across Mumbai.

Needless to say, we couldn’t be any happier to see these good Samaritans spreading smiles one t-shirt at a time.