#ExpertSpeak Styling Tips by Shiraz Siddique

Last weekend we’d a lot of fun at our Mumbai stores with celebrity stylist – Shiraz Siddique. We hosted a Celebrity Stylist Weekend in our Bandra store on Saturday, 31st March & Kalaghoda store on Sunday, 1st April with Shiraz- the man behind the on screen looks of Shah Rukh Khan, Siddharth Malhotra, Arjun Kapoor, to name a few. People dropped by for a personal styling session with him & got their custom-made shirts designed. During breaks, we got talking to the stylist himself and asked for his expert inputs on the trends & tips to style our shirts this season.

Celebrity stylist Shiraz
Celebrity Stylist Weekend with Shiraz Siddique

Why should men go for a custom-made shirt instead of a readymade shirt?
SS: With the increasing need to look good for all occasions, it’s important to have a look that is well defined and well put together keeping the body shape in mind. I believe that a custom shirt is designed by people who have the expertise and knowledge & it gives the consumer a superior product. A custom made shirt also gives you the right fit and correct look that suits your personality and the occasion that you wear the shirt for.

styling secrets
Styling secrets from Shiraz

What are the basic style elements one should opt for while designing their shirt?
SS: The collar shape and size should be of utmost importance as I feel the collar is what defines the look of the shirt. It’s a very subtle detail but I believe that even the right or wrong buttons can either make or break the general aesthetic of the shirt.

Shiraz styling tips
Customers getting style tips for summer

How should one style a printed shirt this summer?
SS: A small collar and a slim button placket is how a printed shirt  should be styled this summer and of course the fit of the shirt must not be very structured. Printed shirts always look better with a slightly relaxed fit. A white tee below a printed shirt makes the shirt a little less formal and gives it a good summer feel. Keep the buttons simple & let the print make the statement.

If there should be a key point to focus on while styling a shirt, what should it be?
SS: What one wears below a shirt is very important while styling a shirt . If you need to make the shirt look formal then one needs to wear a good pair of cotton textured trousers or non-fussy darker jeans to make the shirt look easy and casual. A good pair of lighter jeans or linen pants this season would make the difference. Rolled up sleeves would be the best way to reflect summer styling.


What accessories should one opt for this season?
SS: A pocket square in a fun colourful print is the best accessory to opt for this season.

What is your style statement and why?
SS: My style statement is simple, sharp and most importantly comfortable. Since my job involves a lot of movement, I prefer comfort and at the same time I put emphasis on looking sharp and presentable.


What fabrics should one choose to add to their wardrobes this season?
SS: This season with the weather being so hot I would recommend pure linen fabrics in fresh summer colours and nice textures.