5 New Hairstyles for the Season

The warmer weather calls for new grooming opportunities, a time to reflect on all things follicular. Not just a wardrobe update, this season demands customization on every look that you’d like to flaunt any time of the day.

Round off your perfect summer look with a fresh hairdo!

The longer days, fewer layers, and linen as a wardrobe essential, reflect a newer season with newer opportunities. Be it our holiday destinations, diet routines, wardrobes, and even our hairstyles – every little thing is getting customized to complement the season. We’ve already got your bases covered on the summer wardrobe, but why leave the look incomplete?

To round off your perfect summer ensemble, here are 5 fresh summer friendly hairstyles you can sport to get a comfortable yet stylish look –

1) Crew Cut With Side Swept Fringe

Popularized by the military and marine haircut, this style can never go wrong. Adding a modern twist to the traditional crew cut, this one keeps the side hair short and hair on top is swept to the side and tousled with the help of a product.
Got a cocktail night coming up? Pair this look with a bandhgala button-down shirt and steal the show.

Crew Cut With Side Swept Fringe
Picture Credits: Birchbox

2) High Razor Fade For Curly hair

Not everyone is lucky to be blessed with curls. So, if you have them, flaunt them. The high razor fade cut also called the straight razor fade cut involves shaving the hair on side and back leaving your curly crown tousled. The best part of this style is, it gives your nape enough to breathe without messing with the identity of your hair.

High Razor Fade For Curly hair
Picture Credits: barbarianstyle.net

3) Textured Crop With Mid Fade

If you think you’ll become clueless at the barber’s, trust this style and go for it. This one works for every hair type. The skin fade below the temples in contrast with the heavy hair on top gives the perfect definition to your crown. This fresh style maximizes movement and texture and gives you a go-to look for a casual evening.

Textured Crop With Mid Fade
Picture Credits: xorismos.gr

4) Man Bun With Full Beard

It takes a certain degree of panache and free spirit to sport a man bun in this season. If you’re reluctant to let go of your hair length, then this style will help you carry it with confidence. Wear it with stubble or a full-grown beard to add some scruff.
Top the look with playful floral print shirts to get a disheveled and mischievous look.

Man Bun With Full Beard
Picture Credits: Beard Style

5) Classic Taper Haircut

If you’re looking for a style that works for every occasion, be it an office dinner or a beach party, this timeless look is your answer. This one shortens the hair around the sides leaving enough length throughout the top to style. You can play with this style as per the setting – leave it tousled for a date night, slick it back for a casual lunch, or leave it long for a formal meeting.

Classic Taper Haircut
Picture Credits : Haircut Inspiration

Now that we’ve pulled together the sharpest, warm-weather-ready hairstyles for you, take your pick & make your move.